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Friends and Critics of Fantasy Novels, Films, too

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Books and films, fantasy books
For everyone who is interested in fantasy, but not always in agreement with what the authors write. An open group for people who enjoy a good debate. A group for people who enjoy reading in general.

Why this group?
Very simple. I am sick and tired of other communities that have a ton of rules that should be obeyed (like: stay on topic, or you will be banned). I would like to host a group where everyone can debate and discuss their current reading and interests. This does not mean that we all have to agree about what is being posted. It is just supposed to be a forum. For discussions. Not for banning. Not for your "Ok, I am your mod, so I spread the gospel, if you do not follow my party line you are history crap". I would like to hear about your fave and non-fave books. I will give you mine in exchange. That's basically it.

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