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December 11th, 2014

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02:36 pm - how social games got me
I've probably played "Goodgame Empire" for more than 2 years now. 2? 3? Longer?

Goodgame Empire is a "free-to-play", social game. Not the first one I played, but probably the last. The time? Totally lost track. Most of the time it was fun, sometimes annoying, but overall, there are worse games around, and this one was one of the better ones. Until the updates started, must have been in late 2013. Constant updates, full of bugs. Constant updates, pushing the purchase of rubies, their in-game currency. Now followed by bombardment of in-game-ads, which block the screen (I call them "eff windows"). In fact, GGE was dubbed "Greedgame Empire", which still amuses me, because it is so obvious.
In retrospect: never mind that. I met some interesting people in the game, learned Portuguese & Spanish, had some fun etc.- - - no, it did not feel like the time waster to me, that it actually was.- Anyway, the updates ruined the game. The game was slowly being actualized to death. Lately, their servers were more often down than not. Their official forum - well, forget that, because support is basically non-existent, and they don't really care if your little pixilated soldiers disappear, or not. Of course it should have been possible to "freeze" the game when they had technical difficulties, but for some reason, that never happened.

I could write a novel about GGE and the way it treats its customers, but won't attempt it. So why am I posting this? Because the game went POOF!!!!! I played on agames and spilgames, and it is no longer listed. Poof poof poof!!!!!

Hmm. If I feel bored I may continue. or not.

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